The high’s and low’s in Arusha…

First of all, I apologize for our lack of communication in the past few days. Connections in Arusha are hit and miss, especially when I can get the bandwith to upload pictures as well. I hope to get some on here. To catch you up…

On Friday, our group split in half, with some going to a girl’s safe home called Pippi House and the other half volunteering at a prep school called Gloryland Prep School. Below are some pictures from some of our activities on these volunteer days:

Davida's iPad 003

Davida's iPad 008

Davida's iPad 016

Davida's iPad 020

Davida's iPhone 001

Davida's iPhone 010

The students have really been enjoying working with the children and other locals they are meeting. We have been working for “half” days, then all meeting up for a late lunch. We then head back to the hostel for afternoon/evening classes, usually split by dinner. We have been working in visits to the market and shopping as well.

Food has been interesting, but I think traveling has been more interesting here. Below are some pictures of some of the food as well as a picture of some of our group crammed into a public transportation taxi-like van called a Dala-Dala:

Davida's iPhone 002

Davida's iPhone 005

On Saturday, the students experienced what may be one of the highlights of the entire trip. We embarked on an adventurous hike up through a mountain and discovered a breath-taking waterfall. It was draining for all involved, but I think all would say it was worth it. On Sunday, we had a truly unique experience. We traveled out into the wilderness to visit a traditional Masai tribe. They are herdsmen primarily and live in dirt huts with grass roofs. To honor us as their guests, they slaughtered a goat for us to eat. It was…..unforgettable. I’m sure your students will have plenty to tell you of that experience when they get home. 🙂

Davida's iPhone 012

Davida's iPhone 014

Davida's iPhone 017

Davida's iPhone 019

Davida's iPhone 020

Davida's iPhone 021

This is all I can get to now, but – as you can see – we are having an awesome time and we are all learning a lot! We will continue to work at these organizations over the next few days, continue classes and rest over the next few days. We leave for safari on Friday, and we’re all looking forward to it!

Hope all is well at home!

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3 thoughts on “The high’s and low’s in Arusha…

  1. Cynthia Shade

    Thank you for sharing. I’m enjoying reading about your adventures and soaking up the photos. I can’t even imagine sharing BBQ goat with the Masai and the photos of the children just make my heart smile.

  2. Rashmi Malhotra

    Hi Lori, Davida and all Students,
    Just got to read and catch up on all the exciting adventure you are immersed in!! Well done!
    Thanks for writing all the experiences to share with us…This is a true lifelong learning experience! Enjoy it to the fullest!
    All is well here,
    Wishing you all the best,
    take care,

  3. Chris GARCIA

    Wow son a genuine Masai tribe I will really be looking forward to that story. Love dad

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