It’s a different life in Arusha

It is Thursday afternoon and our second full day in Arusha. We arrived late on Tuesday evening after riding in a bus across northern Tanzania for about ten hours. Saying goodbye in Bagamoyo was extremely difficult on the whole group. We all got very attached to the children, workers and owners. A piece of our hearts stayed in Bagamoyo and there wasn’t a dry eye when we said our goodbyes.






We arrived at the Ujamaa Hostel in Arusha and felt like we were living in luxury. There is (some!) hot water, actual beds and western sitting toilets. Oddly enough, the group never really celebrated the little luxuries because they were so focused on the children left back in Bagamoyo. It was really moving.

Our first full day was filled with a hiking adventure around a lake in Duluti forest reserve.









Our plan in Arusha is to volunteer at different organizations half a day during the week and have classes at night. Because there have been some riots across town, our host, Gaspar, has been taking very good care of us, only taking us to safe places during the day. The walk around the lake was a relaxing and adventurous alternative.

Today, we ventured out to visit three of the organizations we can choose to work with in the coming days. We visited two primary schools and a safe house for girls.




We are now resting and eating lunch. The afternoon nod evening will be filled with class time, homework time and dinner at the hostel.


I continue to be so amazed by this group of students. They are all so exited to jump in and help and learn. No one has really been sick and they are learning so much! This is a teachers dream!

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5 thoughts on “It’s a different life in Arusha

  1. Thanks for the updates, the children look so precious.

    • Unknee Noen

      Thanks so much for the updates. We love being able to read about your adventures and are sharing with Memaw!

  2. Chris GARCIA

    We r very proud of u son. I look forward to hearing about all of ur experiences. Love dad.

  3. Taylor Wilson

    Amber I am so proud of you and all your classmates. y’all are doing somthing some people could only dream of. it is so selfless and beautiful to see the smiles on yalls faces and the faces of the lives y’all have touched.

  4. Bernice Richter Schuetze

    You must be VERY proud of your students. The little children are so cute. I know y’all make them a happy bunch while you are there. Thanks so much for the updates.

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