Last day at the Baobab Home…

It is our last night in the town of Bagamoyo and our students are all despairing at the thought of leaving tomorrow. It has been an incredible five days here – although in many ways it feels as though we have been here weeks. Many students remark that they can’t believe we’re already leaving, but so much happens in one day, that we feel like we have been here much longer.

To catch you up…on Sunday, half of our group went snorkeling and the other half went to visit the town and experience church services in Africa. Both were remarkable experiences. After, we all met up at a restaurant for dinner and then ended the day with a fire on the beach with singers and drummers. Amazing.

On Monday, the group started off early by visiting the children of the Baobab Home at the school (on the same property where we have been staying) and helped them with some of their school work. After, we all went into town and visited a government-run HIV hospital and a museum. The afternoon was spent shopping in town and getting henna tatoos after lunch. They should still be visible when we return, so don’t worry if you spot your son or daughter with some additional markings on their bodies. (It comes off, I promise!) 🙂

We are now back at the shamba (farm) for the night and one of the former street boys has just finished telling us of how he survived on the streets, but eventually came under the care of Terri and the Baobab Home.

This has been so incredible so far. There is much more to tell, but our internet connection time is short and it is late. We will travel most of the day tomorrow by bus to Arusha and start on our projects and continue classes from there. The connection tonight does not allow me to upload pictures. Hope to post some soon.

Tutaonana Baadae!

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7 thoughts on “Last day at the Baobab Home…

  1. Chris GARCIA

    Can’t wait to see ur henna tatto son luv ya!

  2. Bernice Richter Schuetze

    What a GREAT job all of you are doing! I know the children at the orphanage really enjoyed having you there and helping to improve the facilities. My prayers are with you as you travel to Arusha.

    Anxious to hear about your experiences and the good work you will be doing there.

    God’s Blessings!

    Bernice (Lori’s Mom-in-law)

  3. That’s great! Thanks for sharing. We love you Amber! Prayers over you all!

  4. Luz Garcia

    What an extraordinary experience for you all, safe journey to Arusha : )

  5. I just want everyone following this blog to know that I am having the absolute best time of my life. This entire trip has been such a blessing. We have met the most amazing people and have gotten so close to everyone we have come across. It feels like we have been here for much longer than we actually have. It was so heartbreaking to leave Bagamoyo and the Baobab Home. We are in Arusha now starting on a new adventure which I’m sure will have just as big of an impact on all of us. This is definitely the time of my life and I plan on returning to Africa as soon as possible! 🙂
    -Amber Hernandez

  6. Mary Guerra

    This place is Awesome!!!

  7. Aimee Zimmerman (Brooke's cousin)

    Thank you for the updates!! I’ll continue to pray for your safety and encouragement as a whole group. Thank you for being the “hands and feet” to all y’all meet over there!! Many blessings to each one of you! I love you, Brooke!!

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