25 Days and counting….

Jambo!! We are officially 25 days away from our departure, embarking on the first ever study abroad program ever offered by Lone Star College. So much effort has already gone into making this trip a success at every level of planning and we can’t wait to see our plans come to fruition!!

We have already had 1 garage sale to try to raise funds for the organizations we will be visiting and we will be hosting our second garage sale tomorrow, May 18th at Lori Richter’s house. We hope to see our students there, working hard and bonding together before our trip. If I can remember in the early-morning haze, I will try to take pictures to upload so we can document every step of our journey together.

While we are abroad, we will be updating this blog site with pictures and summaries from our days’ adventures. Be sure to “follow” us on here and forward to any family and friends who may want to keep up with us while we are away.

Until then, happy packing and planning!

Kwaheri (goodbye in Swahili),
Davida Rodgers

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One thought on “25 Days and counting….

  1. lexie Rodriguez

    WOW! All your faces shine bright like the stars. Enjoy this very special adventure!

    Go Mary Guerra!

    So proud of you!


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